Ardell Dual Lash Applicator
Ardell Dual Lash Applicator Ohleenka Pinterest
Ardell Dual Lash Applicator Ohleenka Pinterest

Hey everyone!

I loved to be a little extra last weeks and ordered some false lashes and the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator because I wanted to try it out and now if it’s worth it! Used it now often enough to give you my two cents on it.

The Dual Lash Applicator

I was always such a noob when it came to false lashes. They are beautiful but for me always too hard to apply! But I felt ready and ordered some on Amazon.
The first times I was using regular tweezers to apply my lashes but I found the application sometimes to hard and I hated it when the lashes were sticking to the tweezers. I remembered that there is this Lash Applicator from Ardell and ordered it straight away.

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator

What I really love is how much control it gives you over the lashes you want to apply. Tweezers only cover such a tiny space and they move around too much. The applicator is made of plastic and the pink tip is made of rubber.

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator Pink Tip

The tip of it is angled so you can reach the lash band easily while moving the applicator around. Also because it’s made of rubber it won’t stick to the glue if you applied a bit too much or it’s not dry enough. Tweezers will always stick to it and it happened to me that I removed the whole falsie from my eye … so annoying.

The Application

Olivia with natural lashes

This is just me, trying to smile, but not too much. You can barely see my lashes because of my thick eyeliner and my hooded eyelids. But it’s okay! There are falsies to fix that right 🙂

Ardell Demi Wispies Natural Multipack Lashes

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I ordered this Multipack from Ardell. These are demi wispies … I wanted something ’natural‘, just some lashes that would make me feel a bit extra but not too much, I wanted to feel comfortable and didn’t want it to be too obvious that these are fake lashes.

The glue I always use for my lashes is the DUO Lash Adhesive in Black.

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator with Demi WIspies

To make the application easier, I use a small mirror and hold it on the height of my chin so I must look down. This way I can see my lashline easier and stick the lashes better to it. I guess everyone uses a different technique. But I’m placing the lash in the middle first, then apply the outer and last the inner corner.

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator with Demi WIspies

To make sure everything is in its place I use the tip of the applicator to push the lash band to my skin. It’s so gentle and the shape of it makes it perfect for you to reach every spot of your eye perfectly. And like I said before, it won’t stick if you have too much glue on the lash band!

The lesson is clear…

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator with Demi WIspies

I’m just so in love with the lashes and the applicator. There’s nothing for me to improve. I would recommend the Dual Lash Applicator to everyone, doesn’t depend if you’re a pro or just want so start with falsies. No matter how your skill level is, but it makes life just so easy.

The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the applicator looks cheap. Or am I the only one? Like, yeah, it’s very affordable (I payed about 6,50€ for it) but idk. I guess its utility forgives how it looks 🙂

Maybe you’ve got any tips & trick you want to share! Let me know 🙂 but so far, have a beautiful day! xx


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