Bullet Journal Setup for May on Marble

Hey what’s up!

Today I wanted to share with you my Plan for May. I love bullet journaling and this is the first time I got very creative and developed a theme and was sticking to it. My Theme for this month are leafs. Doesn’t seem to be a new or revolutionary idea. But for me this made sense, was easy enough to sketch it on every page and to vary it in my spreads.

But first things first, let me tell you that this way of running my bullet journal is new to me… like with all these drawings/doodles, a theme, and lettering … these were my first attempts ever. And I’ve made some mistakes because I was too tired and not noticing what I was doing or simply I didn’t have the materials to do it the way I wanted to. But practise makes perfect and I’m and the very beginning of this whole thing!

At some points I wasn’t thinking enough about how I want to plan it, I wanted to try things out and now I know what I want to improve.

I use the Leuchtturm1917 in the Bullet Journal Edition.

May Bujo Title

I like this one, it was something that happened within a processes of many attempts. But what I really dislike about it, is that it could say „Mays„. I was too clumsy and this is what came out 🙂 but I guess it’s not that bad, as I said earlier this was my first try ever. I used a Tombow Dual Brush Pen 158 for this … I LOVE that Pen, oh my gawd. It’s so amazing and you can achieve nice results without even trying too hard… can’t wait to get more of them.


May Bujo Future Log / Habit Tracker

Here’s my future log for this month for personal stuff and stuff that’s going on on my social media accounts. I’m curious if the space I planned here is okay or if I would need more. On the other page there’s my habit tracker … where I obviously track or develop habits and check how I’m doing.


May Bujo Future Log / Week 1

On the left side I just have like another future log going on. But here I list things I want to do this month, but don’t know when. So when the time has come I will migrate them. On the bottom of the page I track when my boyfriend’s going to work and for how long. This is for both of us 🙂
And on the other page finally starts the first week. I drew some leafs behind the numbers, I’m liking it. So there’s nothing else to say about this I guess.


May Bujo Week 1 / Brain Dump

So here is where the first week ends, I had some space and thought that some quick Blog Post Ideas would be very nice. Of course they are blurred, so you don’t know what’s coming next 😉
What bothered me a lot was that I had to flip the page to see the other half of the week. I tried to fix that by including a Brain Dump page. This is the place that’s going to be filled with all the junk that wants to be released from my mind.


May Bujo Week 2

So like … this is the spread that I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I don’t even know, I don’t like it. The design is horrible, don’t get me wrong … I think the idea is cute but it feels so overloaded with everything. When I sketched it out I was doing it just because I was bored and wanted to get it off my chest. But I started to include Food Ideas for the blank space and I liked the idea so much, that I want to try to have some place for it for every week. My plan is to eat healthier, even though I eat quite good, I need to plan it better and decide less impulsive when it comes to my food choice.


May Bujo Week 3

This is a spread I really enjoy. It has enough space for everything that’s important, there are the single days and space for my food plans for the week. Also I think the plants are just so cute. To ease it a bit more I thought it would be cute to add a little quote. Tried something different here… didn’t turned out how I imagined it but hey – sometimes you have to fail to get it done better.


May Week 4

The spread for week 4 is similar to the one from week 3. But I like this one a bit better because it’s more clean and like has more open space. I like the headlines for the weekdays with the blank space for the typo and that there is no border or box for my food ideas. Also I tried different doodles and had to use my latest tape! I mean, look at it! It’s so gorgeous. But you can’t really tell by the picture. When you move it around and depending on how the light falls on it, it looks totally different! Either it’s green or gold, or brassy … or everything 🙂
When it comes to the little calendar I made on the right side, too clumsy again … I used a wrong pen for this one and I was so tired that I wasn’t able to see the dots on the page anymore and was losing on the grid. Looks a bit off but it could be worse.


May Week 5

Here’s the last week or days for this month. I used again the wrong pen as before because I was very sleepy. But the lettering I’ve made for my food ideas is quite nice! Turned out pretty well. For the last page I’ve made an Expenses table. But I don’t think I’m going to use is mainly because I have a chart on my Google Drive where I put all of my expenses and it’s counting everything in total automatically for me. So I used it to calculate my boyfriend’s Computer Upgrade so we both have everything written down and won’t get confused.

So all of these spreads I made are helping me to understand better how I want to plan my Bullet Journal and what is important for me. I’m still learning and I think I always will, because situations always change and so does the Journal. Can’t wait to draw my spreads for june … 🙂

May Bujo Materials

And here’s a list of everything I used for this months spreads! If you have any questions about that, feel free to contact me.

Do you guys have a Bullet Journal? What was your theme for this month and how looks your favorite spread? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Bullet Journal Setup For May With My Fav Tools