Blog Relaunch Title

Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining me again and if you’re new to my blog, you’re very welcome to hang out with me! So today is the day, I’m so excited. For months now I wanted to revive my blog and couldn’t manage it. But my boyfriend was always pushing me and I finally made it! 🙂

I feel so bad, because I loved blogging back then and I made the concept for Innocent Unicorn with my sister, she helped me finding a name, matched the colors with me and all this good stuff. But sometimes as you go on, you don’t feel it anymore. And this is actually what happened.

But, you know, I love to take some shots for Instagram, share my experiences and hear yours. After a decent period of time I realized that I need to get creative again and practise my skills. So for this month I’ve started bullet journaling again and it was so much fun. I want to include this in my blog too. My boyfriend and I got some cool stuff for me, so I can take nicer shots and we’ve developed some nice ideas together. Most of the time I think he’s more creative than I could ever be 🙂 such a sweet soul.

However I wanted to tell you what’s been happening in my life recently and how I came along last months.

So I’ve met my boyfriend years ago but we never managed it to come together somehow. But after all this time, we’re lucky to have each other now. There was just one problem: there was a distance between us, over 100 km. I know, there are a lot of people who have even bigger distance between each other, but for us this was an issue because we were missing each other for years and couldn’t waste any more time.

I’ve had the same job for four years but wasn’t happy anymore. I was brave enough to cut myself out of it and search for a better job. It took me some time, was not that easy. I was looking for a job and an apartment for myself at the same time … but over 100 kms (~ 62 miles) away from home. It was so hard, it took me five months to find and get an apartment. But somehow I was lucky too … even though it took so much time, when it was about to happen I’ve had the biggest luck ever. My sister works for a huge international company. And ever since I wanted to join this company too but it didn’t turned out so far. Then I saw a job application as a Screendesigner and I immediately applied to it. I’ve had the best feeling about this job. And it turned to be true, everything went so fast, I knew I was about to get that job and this helped me to get my apartment that I’m living in. I just mentioned that I’m going to work for this company and this was it, the argument that opened me the door I was knocking on! And the best about this apartment is that I’m just a few minutes away from my boyfriends home and I have a pretty nice trip to work. I mean, I need an hour to get there and an hour to come home. But it’s okay. Because I love the company and the people who work there. This is the best job I could have wished for.

So I’m a Screendesigner for this company and we’ve had some Trainees who would supervise the Instagram Account with my help, because I’m quite talented with the camera and teached them how to get along with it. But they’re gone and now I’m responsible for the Instagram Account! My coworkers saw it as my expertise and wanted me to manage this, instead of hiring a Freelancer. This is something I’m very grateful for, because Instagram is huge fun and also relaxing, when I have time to leave my computer and create some other stuff.

So my job is great, I feel so comfy in my apartment and my boyfriend’s near me. But my family is of course living at their place and I couldn’t take the dog with me. He has a fixation on my Mum and when she’s not around for a while he stops eating and is feeling bad. My family and I are visiting each other frequently and sometimes Lucky even slept at my place over the weekend. Was so nice to have him around. But sadly a short while ago he got blind on both of his eyes and is very scared now. He’s also deaf what makes it very difficult for him to find his way without stumbling against the furniture or other things. But he’s trusting and if you guide him, he will go your way. Anyway it’s very sad to see … he’s already over 15 years old. Such a lovely dog.

I could write forever but don’t want to claim your time for any longer!

So, how are you doing? I want to hear from you! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out anything!

Have a great day!