Hello again!

Some of you may experienced very sensitive, burning and hurting skin. That’s an issue I’ve had for a while now, out of nowhere! Today I’m here to share with you what helped me to fix that issue because my skin is back to normal.


My skin tends to be sensitive. Whenever I put something on it, normal people would use, I get dry patches, burning and red skin and other things I don’t want to experience.
As I said, out of nowhere my skin again was soooo sensitive, it hurt. It was just such a pain. It got very dry, flaky, it was impossible to wear make-up but also hard not to because I’ve had red patches and bumps all over my face. Sometimes it was just red, no normal skintone, it was just tomato-red.
One evening I came home from work, had a tiny bit of make-up on my face. I wanted to relax and hang out with my boyfriend and then heat started to develop on my skin. I was like ‚let me get rid of that cake‘ but my skin was ’nope, I wanna be in flames‘. Don’t even know how I managed to wash my face because a single soft touch was so painful … it became itchy and red.


So I know now that I’m not able to use the 3 Step System from Clinique which was my cleansing routine. My skin reacts allergic to it, also to make-up wipes. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, all for sensitive or dry skin, even this miracle micellar water everyone raves about, but it’s nothing for me.
Also the regular washing powders and gels are nothing that my skin loves, so I had to swith that out too. But this is something I’m familiar with for a long time.

The Resolution

This is why you’re here, right?! Everyone has different skin and what might work for me, may not work for you, always keep that in mind.

I went to the drugstore the other day and saw some new stuff – a new brand! And I love to have a look at everything new. The brand I’m talking about is Mixa. As always I need to try it out and this even came in handy because my boyfriend needed a cream for an irritated and stressed part of his skin – and the Cica Cream and Repair Bodylotion are just perfect for that!
Here’s a quick info about this brand.

Mixa Cica Cream and Body Lotion

French Mixa brand was originally founded as pharmaceutical cosmetics focused exclusively on sensitive kids‘ skin. The name Mixa comes from a Latin expression „miscere“ which means „a mixture of the right ingredients“, for example Pro-Retinol, almond oil, oat milk, vitamins etc. Products do not include such irritating ingredients as parabens, alcohol or colouring. Thus, Mixa represents very effective cosmetics preventing skin from allergic reactions. The company has gradually increased their assortment from exclusively kids‘ products to those for adults suffering from sensitive complexion or body skin. Put trust in Mixa brand, an expert on sensitive skin from France with tradition lasting since 1924! You find not only baby care products, but also anti-wrinkles care or popular BB creams.

All of it sounds great right! But unfortunately there was nothing concerning facial skin care available at the drugstore, I googled very quickly to find the online shop I wanted to purchase from: notino. The products they carry are self-explaining and you don’t need to search for hours to decide what you want or need.
My goal was to get something to put my make-up off, to clean my face nicely and to soothe it with a cream whenever it’s too sensitive.

Here are the products that I chose:

MIXA Optimal Tolerance Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover

Mixa Optimal Tolerance Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover

It was very important to me to get an make-up remover for my eyes only. I use a waterproof eyeliner and it’s just too hard to get off. This remover is also good for people who wear contact lenses like me and have sensitive eyes that can get itchy very easily. It says „removes make-up without rubbing“ and I can totally confirm that! It’s enough if you put a little on a cotton pad to remove your eye make-up with ALMOST one wipe. I’m not kidding. This stuff is great.

Mixa Optimal Tolerance Cleansing Milk

Mixa Optimal Tolerance Cleansing Milk

The cleansing milk is made for reactive and sensitive skin. Usually I dislike cleansing milk, because it was like never good and I had still the biggest part of my foundation on my face and not on the cotton pad. However this one does a nice job, even love to get my eyebrows off haha. You don’t need much of it and it feels very good on the skin.

Mixa Anti Redness Cleansing Foam

Mixa Anti Redness Cleansing Foam

My boyfriend and I really enjoy this cleanser. My face is always squeaky clean after using it but I don’t experience tension or burning. It has a very special scent … it’s very soft, but I don’t know what it reminds me of, cucumbers and grass? Idk. You don’t need much to get everything off your face.

Mixa 24h Moisturising and Soothing Cream for Intolerant Skin and Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

Mixa 24h Moisturising and Soothing Cream for Sensitive and Intolerant Skin | Kiehls Ultra Facial Balm

Here are two moisturisers that I use at the moment. The Mixa cream I love to use for the night, but it’s also nice for the day. What I love about it the most is when you put it on you’re not going to be shiny on your face. Some moisturisers tend to do that but with this one you’re safe to be shine-free. It does a great job.
But my cheek are is so dry it need way more attention than my T-Zone. That’s why I love to use the cream by Kiehls. My boyfriend always complains about its smell but I think it’s okay – as long as it does a nice job it can get away with anything.
Both creams are nice on their own or under make-up.

In General

What I learned while having this problem is to simply stop. Just stop using make-up for a while, stop using a peeling. Keep your skincare very basic, more is not always the best. Just use something that is very gentle and without alcohol! If a product contains alcohol it may irritate the skin easily. And what it very important not to change your routine all the time – when skin is irritated, experimenting with products is a bad idea. And always drink enough water! It’s not only good for your health but for your skin.

The lesson is clear…

I’m just so in love with the Mixa products! They helped to calm my face and to restore its balance. My skin never gets red or irritated when using these products. Also I do own the Kiehls cream for a while now, but my whole routine was too bad so it couldn’t act like it should have. Also a huge plus for Mixa is that their products are very affordable for the amount you get!! You need the tiniest bit of everything and it helps just so good. Very impressed with the series. They keep their promise and I will definitely purchase everything again once I run out of it.

Now I wanna know … do you guys have a secret you want to share concerning sensitive skincare? Did you ever experience an allergic reaction and how was your healing process?

Thank you for joining me once again, see you next time xx

Sensitive Skincare Routine - Alverde - Mixa - Kiehls Sensitive Skincare Routine - Alverde - Mixa - Kiehls